There are currently 2'973 Britons working in the Balearics, which has the largest foreign work force in Spain in comparison with the size of the work force. According to the latest survey carried out by the IBEA Balearics Statistics Institute, on January 31 this year, there were 23'793 foreigners working in the Balearics. Although deputy Balearic Chief Minister and Minister for Commerce, Pere Sampol, did admit that the figure would be significantly higher if the survey had been carried out in the middle of the summer and also included casual labourers. The 23'793 foreign workers account for seven per cent of the Balearic workforce, the largest percentage in Spain. 13'319 are from European Union member states and Germans account for 24.4 per cent of the foreign workforce. There are 3'668 Moroccans working in the Balearics and 2'973 Britons, 12.5 per cent of the foreign work force.


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