The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) are in Alcudia today and tomorrow, furthering their studies into marine and coastal conservation in mass tourism areas. The conservationists are concerned about the different varieties of plant and animal life which are at risk of extinction from factors such as over fishing, tourism and pollution. They are on the island to promote sustainable fishing and to stop marine contamination, which is often linked to areas where the influx of visiting tourists can put pressure on the environment. The Mediterranean is under threat due to inappropriate practice and development of mass tourism. With current development models based on quantity, the projected growth of tourism development in the region will continue to damage landscapes, further strain available water sources (particularly relevant on Majorca), increase waste discharges into the sea and lead to cultural disruption. Construction related to tourism development such as hotels and airports causes the greatest negative impact to fragile coastal and marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean. On islands such as Majorca, the effect is doubled because of the thriving tourism industry on the water as well as the land. The yachting industry with its charterable motor yachts and speed boats causes untold damage to the ocean environment, as do the many boat yards who toss their waste materials into the sea.