National Police in the Playa de Palma arrested two people and seized 400 stolen cards. One of the two men has been named as Miguel F S, aged 32, who has been remanded in custody. The other man, who has not been named, was released after questioning, although he will have to appear in court at a later date. The cards recovered included credit cards, mobile phone cards and electronic security tags which are usually put on luggage at Palma airport. The police have located various people who had reported the cards stolen. They include various foreigners. The police have reported an increase in credit card fraud, the most popular trick being to block the slit at a cash dispenser so that the victim cannot retrieve his card. The victim is then tricked into revealing his or her pin number in the belief that they are talking to a bank official. They are then told to go to the bank the following day. In the meantime, the thieves retrieve the card and extract money. Earlier this month, Spanish banks were accused of not doing enough to protect their customers from credit card fraud.