Over nine per cent of the 201 breath tests carried out by the Guardia Civil at the scene of an accident last month tested positive for alcohol. Figures released by the regional traffic department yesterday also revealed that 20 per cent of breath tests taken at the scene of accidents in Ibiza also proved positive and the level was over the permitted level. Last month a total of 5.114 breath tests were carried out across the Balearics, 201 taken at the scene of an accident, 457 after a traffic infringement and 4.456 in routine spot checks. At the scene of accidents, 20 tested positive in Ibiza, nine per cent in Minorca and 7.87 per cent in Majorca, just below the Balearic average. Of the 457 tests carried out following traffic infringements, 17, 3.71 per cent tested positive. Of the 4.456 routine spot checks, 199 tested positive and over the permitted limit of 0.25 milligrams per litre of air or 0.5 milligrams per litre of blood for non-professional drivers and 0.15 milligrams for professionals such as taxi and lorry drivers. During the first half of this year, the Guardia Civil and the Local Police have carried out 29.225 alcohol tests, 3.528 more than during the first six months of last year. 1.687 tested positive, 5.77 per cent. The worst month of the year to date was March. In Palma, of the 524 tests carried out, 260 tested positive, 50 per cent of drivers.