Visitors arriving from Britain are still encountering problems bringing food into Majorca - all due to the on-going foot and mouth crisis. Marina Sims's husband was travelling from Birmingham Airport to their home on Majorca last Thursday. Waiting in the departure lounge, he spied a small supermarket. Knowing that he would be arriving on the island late, and perhaps with no food in the house, he thought it a sound idea to stock up. He bought a selection of meats and cheeses and prepared to board the aircraft. Customs officials by the plane told him it was impossible to take the food on board and asked him to leave it with them. Mrs Sims said her husband were incensed “Not likely, he said, I'll take it back to the shop for a refund.” Claiming a refund at the shop was no easy matter, and the Sims are concerned that because there are no signs or notices in the supermarket, that people will continue to buy food and try to leave the country with it - some probably being less successful in gaining their money back. They are also worried that other airports around the country are experiencing the same communication problem with their travellers.