The atmosphere was humming in Majorca's British bars for the England Germany football match on Saturday night. Owners of bars across the island were inundated by cheering crowds for the match, which turned out to be a cracking win for England. “It was a fantastic atmosphere!” said Nicky William from The Squadron bar in Puerto Portals. “You couldn't have squeezed another person inside, there were people singing all along the terrace and about two to three hundred in the bar.” No trouble was reported in any on the popular British based resorts, with fans rejoicing in a sane and orderly manner rather than the clashes in Munich which marred the celebrations for British fans who travelled to the scene to give support. “It was tremendous” said the barman of Eastenders Bar, “For the last twenty minutes of the match you couldn't hear the commentary, all you could hear was the crowd singing Vindaloo and Three Lions!” Eastenders was also peaceful, with not even one altercation between supporters. The staff are looking forward to the same atmosphere for England's next match on Wednesday.