The Balearic government has signed an agreement with the Balearic University and the Almond Growers Association, for the experimental manufacture of an isotonic and energy drink based on Majorcan almond milk. The agreement will lead to the production and marketing of the drink, developed at the University laboratory, based on traditional almond milk and recommended for sportsmen after intensive efforts. University scientists and the almond growers studied the amount of energy used by a team of cyclists after a top ranking competition and discovred a considerable drop in blood levels of vitamin E, an antioxidant in which the almond is particularly rich. According to Antoni Pons, a member of the research group, the drink is complemented by other products to increase its isotonic value (recovery of lost liquids) and energy values. A comparative study with three other drinks recommended for sportsmen which are already on the market showed that the Balearic product has a higher content in proteins, monosaturated fats, fibre, ascorbic acid, phosphorous, calcium and other nutritional elements.