Once again, the Majorcans have responded to appeals for humanitarian aid for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Balearic government's ministry of social welfare, the Balearic Red Cross, Unicef and the Majorcan Solidarity Fund are all opening new ways of helping the thousands of refugees who are fleeing from the Taliban. Some months ago, a group from RAWA (Revolutionary Afghan Women's Association) visited the Balearics in search of aid. The government has already sent six million pesetas for the refugee camps run by RAWA, and managed by a Catalan foundation. The money will be used to provide a blanket, five kilos of ghee, 20 kilos of rice, 20 kilos of flour and 35 kilos of wood for 1'700 families. The Majorcan Solidarity Fund is still working out details of its plans for the region. The Balearic Red Cross has opened bank accounts for donations, as has Unicef, under its programme Los niños primero, children first. Unicef will use the funds for medicines, water purifying tablets, oral rehydration salts, vitamin supplements and clothing.