Fears of drop in tourism.

Balearic president Francesc Antich last night admitted that should the current crisis cause a serious problem for the Balearic tourist industry, then his government will not push ahead with plans to introduce the highly controversial tourist tax. Antich said the local government is «worried» about the implication of the September 11 attacks «and if any serious problems are created for the Balearic tourist industry, and therefore our main economic activity», the government will not introduce the tourist tax and adopt alternative measures to raise extra funding for the protection and management of the environment. While Antich was keen to stress that the Balearic government has by no means «changed its opinion» over the tourist tax and will introduce the levy if the climate is conducive, «if for extraordinary reasons there is any cause to suspect that there are serious problems and that there is going to be a very sharp fall in tourism, the government will take action».