The Balearics, along with the rest of Spain will be part of a new terrorist emergency plan currently being drawn up by central government. The new anti-terrorism and emergency plan was announced yesterday by the Balearic Interior Minister Josep Maria Costa. The Minister said that central government has already started work on drawing up the plan on how to respond to emergencies caused by terrorist acts in the wake of the attacks on the United States. All autonomous communities, such as the Balearics, and government will not only be directly effected but also involved in devising the new emergency response measures. Costa said that the Balearic government is expecting to be called shortly to attend a meeting in Madrid at which central government will outline its emergency plans and that it will be put into operation with the full support, co-operation and co-ordination of central and local governments. Balearic Director general for the Interior, Antoni Torres, confirmed yesterday that, as yet, Madrid has not asked the local ministry for any information about terrorism, however Torres said that central government would more than likely approach the local police forces first.