The Council of Majorca will invest 10'000 million pesetas on roads, nearly half its budget for next year (21'800m ptas), according to Council president Maria Antonia Munar. She added that every department is willing to cut its budget by ten per cent in order to finance roads, which will be the Council's star project for next year. She said that residents will “thank this effort if they have safer roads, with no black spots or traffic jams, and better services.” Munar's party, Majorcan Union (UM) has already reached agreement on the budget with the PSM (Majorcan Socialist Party). The PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) has already said that it will not raise any problems when the budget is debated at the Council's plenary session on November 5, while the EU-EV (United Left, the Greens) have not yet made a decision. Despite the caution of the EU-EV's spokesman, it is believed that they are not happy about the enormous sum spent on roads. But Munar said that if the EU-EV voted against the budget or abstained, the budget “will be approved by a minimal margin or will not be approved, but this will not affect the UM's attitude towards the Balearic government's budget.”