Palma's public bus service came under fresh attack yesterday, this time from angry university students. While mobile phones can no longer be used on board public busses, so as not to interfere with the state-of-the-art navigational systems, students at the Balearics University on the outskirts of Palma say they often have to walk or hitch-hike because of the completely unreliable number 19 bus service. According to students the service is “irregular and unreliable.” The Association of Young University Students yesterday accused EMT of “ignoring” the needs of students who attempt to use the service every day. The Association said that busses are often delayed by as much as 20 minutes, forcing students to try and find some alternative mode of transport to get to the campus, along the busy and dangerous Valldemossa road, on foot. Palma's EMT municipal bus company was yesterday urged to resolve the problems and introduce a regular and reliable bus service from Palma to the university as soon as possible.