Pole Weasima.


Over recent years, Claudia Schiffer's Majorcan home has received a number of intruders and unexpected visitors, but none have travelled by bus all the way from Poland to ask for the super model's hand in marriage. Yesterday, Adres Weasima arrived in Majorca on board the high speed ferry from Barcelona after having left Poland by bus, for Majorca, last Saturday, October 20. The Polish gardener and part time model was on a mission to meet and marry the woman of his dreams and travelled the entire journey dressed in a dinner suit and black bow tie. Weasima spent most of yesterday morning outside Schiffer's Camp de Mar villa, clutching a letter and presents for the super model as well as a heart-shaped “I love Claudia” badge. Sadly the only people home were the security guards who called the Local Police. Weasima, who appeared well dressed and an educated man, speaks no Spanish and his English is very limited, but he managed to explain the reason for his epic journey and that he had reached the island of his dreams with just a pocket-full of change. When the Local Police reached the scene at the entrance to the Schiffer villa, there was little they could do apart from contacting the Polish Consul in Palma and escorting Weasima to the bus stop, where a Local Police officer stood by as Weasima waited for the Palma bus to arrive. Nobody had the heart to tell him that only this week, it was revealed that Claudia Schiffer and her fiance, British film producer Matthew Vaughn, are expected to tie the knot this Christmas in Scotland. Only last month, Schiffer and Vaughn were inside the very house outside which Weasima was standing yesterday. The Polish Consul was yesterday helping Weasima contact his family via free phone so that he can ask them for the necessary money to get back to Poland. Over the past few years, Schiffer's house has been broken into, fans have spent days hanging around Camp de Mar in a desperate bid to see and perhaps talk to the super model and one man, wanted by police on the mainland, walked in to the Local Police station asking directions to her house, telling the police he was the model's husband. Police twigged just in time and reached the house as Schiffer's mother opened the door to the unexpected and unwanted visitor. mc.mdbUbitel.es