As a young man, Lorenzo Morales Verde in the early 60*s ventured off to England from Majorca to find a new life, now the son he was forced to leave behind, is trying to find him. Lorenzo's first job was at the Priest House, Castle Donnington as either a chef or a waiter. During that time he met and fell in love with a local Derbyshire lass, Heather Young. The relationship lasted four to five months and ended shortly after Heather Young learnt that she was pregnant. The Social Services were involved and Lorenzo wanted to come back to Majorca with his son, but as he and Heather were not married, Lorenzo had to leave the baby behind and the child was subsequently put up for adoption. Jonathan Stewart Goodwin did not discover that he had been adopted until just over two years ago. His wife, Tanya, said yesterday that during the passports crisis in 1999, they had to renew their passports and were advised that the quickest way was to get a two year extension via the Post Office. “We dug out our birth certificates, I had never noticed before, but Jonathan's was a copy and there was a set of strange digits in the bottom right-hand corner, we made some inquiries and discovered that he had been adopted. “I have to admit that some of the family and friends had always had their doubts. Jonathan looks typically Mediterranean with dark features, while his parents are blue-eyed and blonde,” Tanya said. Having been a lawyer, Tanya and a friend set to work at tracking down Jonathan's real parents. She explained that finding Heather was easy via the National Statistics Office, “but she now has a family and children of her own and was not really interested in reviving the past,” Tanya said. However, Tanya did say that according to Heather Young, Lorenzo was extremely upset over having to leave his son behind and she imagined that he would still love to resume contact with Jonathan. But, none of Lorenzo's records in the United Kingdom, including those held by Social Services, contain any more information other than the fact he is Majorcan. Tanya said that Lorenzo was born in the late 1940*s and the Goodwins hope now that their search for Lorenzo is nearing its end.


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