The joint forces of the Local Police neighbourhood policing plan and the National Police's community scheme met yesterday to discuss how to improve cooperation between the two forces at all levels. Police chiefs said that this year, relations between the two forces have greatly improved and that in the New Year steps will be taken to further improve the level of co-operation. While increasing the level of confidence in the police and reducing crime with the help of the population, the police want to learn about the day-to-day problems facing the different areas and communities in Palma. The combined forces not only want to stamp out petty crime in the capital, but resolve all the problems which have a negative effect on the quality of life in the city. Yesterday's meeting, the first of regular police Palma conferences, not only included police chiefs, but also officers on the beat who really know what is happening on the streets of Palma. This year the Local Police have enjoyed a great deal of success in cracking down on petty crime in the city and the Playa de Palma area, but with the support of the National Police, hope to be able to widen its community police programme. The National Police is now responsible for investigating crimes, giving the Local Police more time to be on the beat.


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