The prime suspect in the murder of the 25-year-old Belgian tour guide in Manacor on Saturday, has been moved to the General Hospital in Palma after the condition of his health deteriorated. The 34-year-old German suspect was moved from Manacor police cells to the hospital under police escort on Monday night, but is expected to be transferred to Palma prison once doctors give him the green light. It was at the Palma hospital, where he gave his statement to the Manacor judge handling the case. The German had been due to appear before a preliminary hearing yesterday morning, but the judicial team, translators and detectives had to relocate to the General Hospital. But since his arrest on Saturday he has been on hunger strike in the police cells, hence his poor state of health. Judicial sources said yesterday that the suspect appears to be suffering a mental block and is not being very co-operative. The 34-year-old has neither admitted to the crime nor denied killing his girlfriend. Vicky Keler's naked body was found on waste ground in Son Talens near Manacor on Saturday -she had been beaten and strangled. The German was found wandering the streets of Manacor wrapped only in plastic and toilet paper. According to the police he was covered in blood. Yesterday, the suspect apparently answered very few of the judge's questions during the three hours session and the judicial team are not sure whether the suspect is suffering from a mental problem or is pretending hence a full psychiatric examination has been ordered. With so many questions remaining unanswered about the prime suspect, police managed to secure permission to keep the German under arrest as the 72-hour limit ran out yesterday morning. It was also revealed yesterday that last Thursday, the German was involved in an altercation with police in Son Servera, where the couple lived. He confronted police with a stick and was arrested before being released the following morning after his girlfriend, Vicky Keler identified him at the police station - within 24 hours she was dead. Police have also informed the judge handling the case that the German has been reported in the past for domestic violence and detectives believe that, despite the suspect's refusal to co-operate, the evidence already held could prove sufficient.