Work has started at Muro beach.

The environmental group GOB yesterday launched a manifesto against the artificial regeneration of beaches, signed by 35 scientists and research workers, who point out the risks involved in taking sand from the sea bed. The manifesto says that disturbing the sea bed can lead to the destruction of meadows of Neptune grass, a reduction in fish stocks and changes to the sand. The scientists point out that taking sand from the seabed does not solve the problem of stability of the beaches, and involves “very serious risks.” Joan Rita, the chairman of GOB, and Isabel Moreno, director of the Balearic University's biology department, launched the manifesto yesterday in what they said was an effort to clarify “what the scientific community thinks” of the work which is being carried out by the central ministry of the environment. The scientists and research workers come from the Balearic Oceanography Centre, the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies (Imedea), the Centre of Advanced Studies of Blanes, the University's biology and sciences of the earth departments and the Balearic department of fisheries. Imedea depends on the central environment ministry, but six of its scientists have signed the manifesto. They include Beatriz Morales, director of the natural resources department. The coastal authority, another ministry department, has used Imedea reports to justify the extraction of sand from the seabed. The scientists have called for a management plan for the beaches involving all the administrations, and say that projects should be made public. “Treating beaches on an individual basis is not valid. Global measures are needed,” one of the scientists said yesterday. In the meantime, the coastal authority has started work on Muro beach, and has promised the council that work will be completed within ten days. Work started 200 metres from S'Oberta at S'Albufera and the sand is being laid in the direction of Can Picafort. The regeneration will also affect the Es Comu area of Muro, where there has been considerable damage to the dunes. Work is also being carried out at Es Barcarets in Alcudia, where the sand is being transported by lorries.


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