Panic spread through a Palma street as sleeping residents were woken by the sounds of explosions and the sight of flames outside their windows. Pyromaniacs have struck again at the heart if the city, this time in calle Vinyassa, off calle Aragon, causing millions of euros worth of damage and forcing one building to be completely evacuated with a number of residents needing treatment for the effects of smoke. The pyromaniac, or pyromaniacs, struck at 2.30 am, settling light to a moped parked outside number four, calle Vinyassa. But the flames spread quickly, setting light to car parked just a few feet away. As the car was engulfed by flames and parts started to explode in the heat, waking startled residents, panic set in as nobody knew what was going on outside. Flames started to shoot some four metres up the front of the apartment block as the police and fire services were called. Just as the emergency services arrived, the vehicle's petrol tank exploded, spewing flames over another moped and three other parked cars. Firemen needed breathing apparatus to fight the flames and intense heat which melted the facade of nearby buildings and street lights. Police started to evacuate number for and paramedics treated people for the smoke inhalation. Police closed off the area while the fire crew fought the flames and the are made safe. When the street awoke this morning and residents stepped out into the street, the full extent of the damage was clearly visible with the shell of a total four burnt out cars and just the mere frames of two destroyed moped littering the street. The front of number 4 was completely black and burnt. This latest incident has caused a great deal of concern. Fire brigade sources said that over the past few months, fire fighters have been called out to contain a number of fires caused deliberately. The favourite targets for the pyromaniacs are the plastic green waste disposal bins and parked cars. A full investigation is under way and the authorities believe they are looking for a group of individuals, out for a bit of a laugh and excitement. Residents are asked to report any suspicious sightings to police immediately.


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