More than 160'000 taxpayers in the Balearics have filed income tax returns and 100'000 of them have received rebates totalling 60.8 million euros. This was announced yesterday by Salvador Ruiz, the director of the tax office, who visited Ifebal, where the Balearic government had set up its Renda Agil free service for completing returns. He was accompanied by Joan Mesquida, the Balearic finance minister, and Ignacio Fernández Alegría, the tax office representative in the Balearics. The breakdown of income tax returns was 131'364 in Majorca, 15'227 in Ibiza and 13'227 in Minorca. A total of 72'000 people took advantage of the Renda Agil service, run by the Balearic government, the tax office and several banks. This was 44 per cent more than last year. Ruiz said 32'000 of these 72'000 returns were presented via Internet. This was 31 per cent more than last year, and Ruiz said that this made the Balearic service “a leader in Spain in the use of new technologies.” Ruiz praised the efforts made by the local finance ministry to provide a good service for the taxpayer. Mesquida said that Renda Agil is an excellent example of the collaboration between his ministry and the tax office. The period for filing income tax returns ends on Monday. Ruiz said that the Balearics were unusual in that they had a large number of non-resident tax payers. “There is a structure adapted to this characteristic,” he said, adding that the Balearic tax office has an international fiscal unit, something which other communities do not have.