Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and his family were enjoying the first day of their summer holiday in Minorca yesterday, but Aznar is going to find it hard to relax this year. Aznar is on holiday with the second volume of Winston Churchill's Second World War, Aznar told reporters in Mahon that Churchill was the greatest politician of the last century and said that he hoped his leadership style and energy would give him inspiration. But more closer to home, on Monday when the Prime Minister flies to Palma for talks with King Juan Carlos, Morocco's claims to Spain's North African enclaves will top the agenda. As Aznar and his wife Ana Botella posed for the traditional holiday shots at the English-owned estate they are staying at, Aznar made it clear that Spain's position “is clear and firm” on Ceuta and Melilla and that he is not prepared to enter into a slanging match with the King of Morocco over the two enclaves' future. The Moroccan Minister for Culture and Communication, Mohamed Achaari, emerging from a cabinet meeting, called on the country to rally behind King Mohamed VI “to defend the integrity of the Kingdom and to liberate the occupied territories of Ceuta, Melilla and the Chafarinas Islands.” Aznar said that he does not want to increase tensions, to the contrary, he said that Spain wants to improve relations with Morocco. Aznar and his wife made it clear though that they are in Minorca to relax. “If we can not relax in August, we'll have to take a holiday in September, and that's not possible,” Ana Botella joked. The Prime Minister intends to get some serious reading done. Apart from Churchill, who Aznar said is “the most important politician in the history of the world,” he has also packed Michael Burleigh's “The Third Reich, A new History” and J.M. Chesterton's “The Napoleon of Notting Hill.” The couple will also enjoy some sailing and are expected to make full use of the nearby nine-hole golf course. They also spent a great deal of time exploring the local restaurants last year during their first Minorca holiday. However, while the Prime Minister gets stuck into his holiday reading, Ana Botella has some important events to organise, such as their daughter's wedding on September 5 to Aznar's former political aid Alejandro Agag, also a much fancied party leader of the future. “Our aim is to relax and not bother people too much.” “We thank the Minorcans for their great hospitality, but we don't want to be a burden,” Aznar said as the Guardia Civil and security agents patrolled the rural estate.