The Council of Majorca has chosen the coastal area of the municipality of Sant Llorenç, which includes the resorts of Sa Coma and Cala Millor, to start a campaign on recycling. The campaign was launched on Friday, with the collaboration of a team of nine volunteers who visited all the shops and hotels in the area, offering advice about how to make better use of resources. They also handed out questionaires, with questions on the Council's master plan for rubbish disposal to see how much hoteliers and traders know about the regulations. Other literature handed out included advice on how to use containers, the Council's campaign to keep the countryside clean and how to use recycled materials. The Mayor of Sant Llorenç, Mateu Puigrós, admitted that people did not make good use of containers in coastal areas, and this gave tourists a bad impression. However, he said that residents had to do their part to keep the area clean.