Diandra at s'Estaca for the summer.

Diandra Luker, the former wife of Hollywood star Michael Douglas, has returned to Majorca for the summer, and is staying at s'Estaca, the property in the mountains between Deia and Valldemossa, which she shares with Douglas on a time basis. She said that she would never sell her half of the house, not even to Douglas. She said she had received offers, but the house would never be put on the market. “I will never sell S'Estaca, as it is a part of me and when I die, which I hope will be in 80 years time, my share will go to my son Cameron,” she said. Diandra Luker went to school on the island and is a champion of the environment, having set up the Diandra Douglas Foundation in collaboration with the Balearic ministries of the environment and health and consumer affairs, Camper and Ibatur. The Foundation has just published a guide to a sustainable Majorca, offering a series of rules “for residents and travellers, students and housewives, vegetarians and carnivores... it's a guide for improving the environment of the island and, as a result, of the planet.” She explained that this week in s'Estaca she would be hosting a meeting with representatives of the environmental group GOB, a Swiss foundation and a group of persons concerned about the island's environment. She explained that working together with other groups is always more positive than going it alone. Asked if she thought there was too much building going on in Majorca, she said this was a problem which dates back 20 years and was caused by greed, which often made people take a short term view of things. “Majorcans are paying a high price,” she said, pointing out that they now realise that the land which was once theirs now belongs to a German, who is building a house there. But fortunately, the younger generation is learning from the mistakes made and is trying to do things differently. But, she warned, if those who live here do not reach an agreement to put a stop to the situation, there can't be a solution. And like many people, she finds that Majorca is much more expensive than last year, blaming it on the euro. Her philosophy of life is that the most important thing is to find peace within oneself and be surrounded by family and friends. Asked about wedding bells - she has been with her companion, an American businessman named Zac, for two and a half years - she said that they were engaged but were in no hurry to wed. Her son Cameron has just made his film debut in A Few Good Years, alongside his father and grandfather, Kirk Douglas, and has been signed up by the agency Endeavour, which has on its books the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Having been married to Michael Douglas for 23 years, she still has ties with Hollywood as she is occasionally involved in the production side and many of her friends are actors and producers. But she does not miss the Hollywood way of life and is always happy to return to Majorca.