The three people injured in the jet ski accident off Formentera on Monday are off the critical list. Doctors in Ibiza said yesterday that all three are responding well to treatment. One of the two women who were in comas, a 20-year-old Pole, under went a blood transfusion yesterday, she had been operated on for a damaged kidney during a nine-hour operation, but doctors said she is recovering satisfactorily and they no longer fear for her life. On Wednesday after all three of the victims has undergone treatment, doctors said that the next 36 hours would prove crucial, fortunately all three ore expected to recover. The second woman, thought to be French but who is in fact Czech, suffered severe head injuries doctors think were caused by the propellor of the catamaran they collided with. She has also suffered a fractured face. It was revealed yesterday that the catamaran sailed over the three after the crash. The youngest of the victims, a 16-year-old whose identity has not been revealed by the police, was still being operated on yesterday and was in a serious condition, but no longer critical. Civil protection stressed the need for recreationl craft to be used with extreme caution.