Generous customers of Poppy's Bar and Bistro in Cala Estancia (Can Pastilla) have so far donated around 230 euros, which will be sent to Soham. Soham is the hometown of murdered schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, and the funds will be sent to St Andrew's Primary School where they studied. Bar owners Leanne and Matthew Watrach praised the generosity of customers, particularly one lady named Edna, who lives in Palma and donated all the coins which she had saved this year, which came to 24 euros. The appeal will continue until the end of Semptember at the bar, which is in Calle Nanses, and the funds will then be sent to Soham. In Soham on Monday, two white doves were released by classmates of the two girls, to mark the beginning of the new school term.