Two schools were unable to open their doors because of repairs and there are still 20 teaching posts to be filled, otherwise, it was back to school as normal for 83'000 infant, primary and special education children. Jaume Gual, the director general of planning and schools, predicted similar problems tomorrow when more than 66'000 students at secondary modern and higher education schools go back. The schools which were unable to open were La Soledad in Palma and Es Fossaret in Soller, the former as heating and electricity have yet to be installed and the latter because there is danger of the ceiling in one of the classrooms collapsing. There were angry scenes in Soller yesterday as parents complained that the ministry had had all summer to do something about the school's problems. The ministry said that the school in La Soledad will be ready by next Monday, and the Soller children have been accommodated in temporary premises. Gual said that there had been minor problems in a few other schools where pupils in some classes were unable to start yesterday. But, he claimed, these were just minor problems in an operation which saw the opening of more than 130 schools. The shortage of teachers was also dismissed as a minor problem, Gual explaining that most of the teachers were in the special needs department and they will be arriving shortly. In Palma, there were considerable traffic jams as parents drove their children to school, despite the fact that the Palma city council has put 100 extra policemen on traffic duty, coinciding with the opening and closing of the schools. They will remain on duty all through term time. As for tomorrow, Gual said that two schools, the Josep Maria Llompart in Palma and the school in Felanitx, will be unable to open in time because repairs have not been completed.