The Manacor area was hit by near torrential rains yesterday which caused some damage.

Manacor residents feared the worst yesterday when they awoke to the sound of torrential rain, with 50 litres of rain falling in just over two hours. The main fear was that the serious flooding of 1989 would be repeated if the Torrent (water course) of Sa Cabana, which runs through the city, should burst its banks again. Local Police and the Manacor council stepped up security measures in view of the danger. One of the precautions taken by the police was to order the removal of cars parked near the Torrent. Residents in the area were angry because they have been asking for the Torrent to be rerouted for years. Mayor Miquel Riera said that he hoped that the rain would act as a spur. Work is due to start before the end of October and take a year to complete. The Son Forteza road (Manacor to Cales de Mallorca) was closed to traffic when the So Na Moixa torrent overflowed. According to the police, this was one of the most problematic areas. The road was reopened to traffic at about 1pm. The rain also affected traffic lights, causing tailbacks early in the morning, and the asphalt in several roads, including Via Majórica, was damaged. According to the local weather man, Manacor was not the only area affected. Rainfall between 8am and 1pm was 44.5 litres per square metre in Sant Llorenç, 19 in Artà and 29 in Cala Millor. But by the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly over Manacor.


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