The widow of Christopher Skase, Pixie, has been found living with one of her daughters in London and the family row over money is raging. Skase's bankruptcy trustee Max Donnelly has made it clear that he does not intend to chase Skase's widow and her money, but the family have certainly picked up the gauntlet. According to her daughter Amanda and son-in-law Tony Larkins, Pixie Skase is wealthy and has scooped the entire estate of her late husband, Christopher, including $10 million worth of jewellery and the proceeds of a $1 million life insurance policy. Amanda and Tony Larkins say they were left with nothing after Mr Skase's death in Majorca in August last year. There were reports of Pixie nipping back to Majorca earlier this year to collect her post, what happened to the house they were sharing at the back of Andratx village remains unclear. It was embargoed by the Spanish authorities just hours after Skase died and the joint owners were the Skases and the Larkins, Amanda and Tony put all their saving into the property, only to lose the lot, which makes Pixie's wealthy lifestyle even more difficult to swallow. More than a year after the death of her husband in Majorca, Mrs Skase is staying at the English country home of another daughter, Alexandra, and her husband, Iain Buckham, a successful industrialist. The couple started bringing some order to the family as soon as they arrived in Majorca for the funeral, the finger for the media circus and failure of Skase's business ventures in Majorca being pointed at Tony Larkins, who with Amanda, were the only family members to have stuck by Christopher and Pixie Skase through their ten year battle against the law and ill health. At Christmas there were rumours that Pixie had been seen in Aspen, but they never stood up. Mr Larkins was interviewed by Mr Donnelly after his return to Australia on Wednesday. Despite the work he did for Mr Skase - as spokesman for the fugitive family in Majorca and as a front man for many of the bankrupt businessman's dealings - Mr Larkins claims he has been left penniless and is considering suing Pixie. Back in Britain, Mrs Buckham said she was aware of the Larkins's allegations. She declined to comment on them and said her mother was not available for comment. “I'm going to tell you the same thing as last time - please leave,” she said.


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