The truth is out there and a team of parapsychologists have just arrived on the island to find it. They have been attracted by insistent reports of strange noises from the sea off the north of the island, which many people attribute to the presence of an underwater flying saucer base. The team has been sent by the Spanish Parapsychology Research Society (SEIP). “All possibilities are open, from the presence of a flying saucer base to the existence of a volcanic area beneath the sea or movement of the tectonic plate,” team members José Castro and Javier Rodríguez said yesterday. The team has been working in the area between Dragonera Island and Cabo Formentor, where professional divers claim to have heard noises of an unknown origin this summer. It seems that the noises are audible above sea level on calm days, and the strength and intensity vary according to depth. Castro and Rodríguez are using underwater recording equipment loaned to them by the Guardia Civil GEAS (Special Underwater Activities Group). They have been recording any interesting noises and making various tests, such as analysing the water at different depths as well as testing the temperatures. Once the samples have been taken, the Society will subject them to various analyses to “reach our own conclusions.” The Madrid-based society has nearly 20 years' experience in the study of paranormal phenomena and has a proven track record for uncovering frauds, such as the presence of spirits in the Palace at Linares. Although Castro and Rodriguez have an open mind, they lean towards a “natural” explanation for the noises, such as the displacement of the tectonic plates or the presence of a volcanic area, although they have not rejected the opinion of flying saucer experts who believe there are underwater bases, a theory which, they say, “is very difficult to confirm.” The Society has recordings made at sea level a few weeks ago by its chairman Pedro Amorós, and these will be contrasted with the recordings made this weekend. Castro also said it was difficult to confirm another of the theories which surfaced this summer, to the effect that the noises came from oil prospections off the coast of Tarragona, as a recent visit to the area showed that prospections were no longer being carried out. But, he added, the noises heard in Majorca are unlike anything detected to date. Some years ago, there were various flying saucer sightings reported in the Soller area.


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