The National Police were yesterday praised for their “impeccable” work.” Keen to quickly quash claims of immigrants victimisation under the guise of the new police Focus Plan, central government representative to the Balearics, the PP candidate for Mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer, praised the work of the National Police making it clear that if anyone feels they have been mistreated then they have the right to report the incidents and should do so immediately. Cirer explained that the Focus Plan has been launched by the central government to crackdown on urban crime in Spain's cities. “The project has been well planned and is in no way designed to target any one section of the community, far from it, the Focus Plan is to make the cities safer places for everybody.” Since the plan was launched Cirer said that 16 operations have been carried out and 77 arrests, relating to a whole variety of crimes, although the Plan does include a general enforcement of the immigration laws “but I completely reject claims that the police have been acting indiscriminately.” So far three immigrants in the Balearics have been expelled and a fourth is being processed. “But whatever happens,” she said, “all those who feel their fundamental rights have been infringed, be they Spanish nationals or foreign residents, they should report it.”