A gothic sarcophagus has been uncovered in the St Peter chapel in the Cathedral. It dates from the 14th-15th centuries and was found inside the base of the neoclassic altarpiece which has just been dismantled to make way for the ceramic by Felanitx-born artist Miquel Barceló. Pere Joan Llabrés, of the diocesan heritage board, said that the sarcophagus had been used as building material to anchor the altarpiece. It is rectangular and one of the sides has reliefs which, according to Llabrés, “probably represent a priest of the Galiana-Dezcallar family.” The reliefs show a male figure, reclining, with a dog at his feet. The sarcophagus also shows the family coat of arms. It is carved in stone and still bears traces of the colours with which it was decorated. A team of ceramists is now taking measurements for installing the Barceló work.