A group of around 25 volunteers from the Balearic Civil protection service will this weekend head to Galicia to help in the clean up operation. The team will spend all of next week in the region helping tens of thousands of other volunteers clean up oil spilled by the tanker Prestige. The 25 have come from Civil Protection units all over Majorca and Ibiza and will be the first of a series deployed to the disaster scene. The central government delegation in Palma is controlling the Civil Protection aid operation in co-ordination with the government of Galicia. Once this first team has returned, a decision on when a second will be sent is expected to be made. Ses Salines council announced yesterday that it has decided to hold a benefit concert featuring the Ses Salines Municipal band to raise funds for the victims of the Prestige. A special New Year concert is being organised on December 28 and a collection will be made amongst all those attending the free concert. The money raised will be destined to a special account set up for the fishing community in Galicia.