Pof the Majorcan Tourist Board, Miquel Vicens, yesterday said that the winter tourist season is developing “badly,” adding that the tourist sector is “deeply worried". He said that, apart from the British market, all other of Majorca's satellite markets are down on last year and many businesses are worried about the huge losses they are going to suffer over the next few months, as well as how and when they will be able to make the money back. Many are already getting ready for next year's summer season which will see a marked recovery in the United Kingdom market, writing off the winter, Vicens said. The Majorcan Tourist Board boss said tourists have had less money to spend this year, “primarily because of economic slowdowns across Europe and this problem could go on for quite some time.” The Tourist Board, which represents hoteliers, travel agents, hire car companies, tour agencies and airlines, said that all sectors are suffering this winter, despite the fact that many hotels have decided to close until there are definite signs that the holiday industry and tourist figures are returning to normal. Whether closed hotels will re-open for Easter, depends on holiday bookings.