Maria Crespó, the president of the water board, EMAYA, announced yesterday that adapting the water supply network to provide everyone with an individual water meter, will cost 30 million euros. She added that subsidies would be needed from the central and regional governments and the European Union. “It is our intention that the contribution of the users should be symbolical,” she added. Arturo Cadenas, the director of EMAYA, said that there was a European Union directive which said that all water meters in cities must be individual by the year 2012. He added that the quality of the water supply would have to be so good that there will be no need for storage tanks on rooftops. At present, Cadenas said, a third of the population has direct access to water, which means that there is only an individual or general meter between the network and the consumer. The remaining two thirds are supplied indirectly, which means that in addition to a meter, they need raised storage tanks and there are an estimated 6'000 of these tanks in Palma.