News desk TWO flights from Majorca to Minorca had to be cancelled yesterday because of fog at Palma's Son Sant Joan airport, AENA, the airport authority, reported. The two flights were by Air Nostrum and were due to land in Minorca at 9.20 and 10.50am. Passengers were transferred to another plane which was able to take off from Palma in the early afternoon and landed in Minorca shortly before 4pm. The flight which should have taken off from Minorca to Palma at 7am left one hour and 40 minutes behind schedule, while another flight between Palma and Mahon suffered a delay of one hour and eight minutes. The Air Berlin link between Munich and Palma had to be rerouted to Minorca, as was a flight between Ibiza and Majorca early in the morning. In another incident, a Spanair flight between Ibiza and Bilbao had to land in Barajas (Madrid) airport because of a problem in the landing gear, although it was able to land without complications. The airport set its emergency systems into operation, but the police, fire brigade and ambulances did not have to intervene. The 150 passengers on board were taken to the terminal and later flown to Bilbao on another Spanair plane.