Festival Park bus-rail link

The government yesterday unveiled a new bus-rail public transport plan for Marratxi.
The aim is to link Marratxi's main villages with the railway station and buses will run 16 times a day along the route from Portol to the railway station, via Sa Cabaneta and Festival Park. There will also be a number of bus links from various villages to the Es Pont d´Inca Nou railway station.
Marratxi has become a large commuter zone for Palma and the government believes that by promoting the use of public transport the volume of traffic between Palma and Marratxi can be greatly reduced.

Balearics urged to vote

The best part of one million euros is to be spent on a blanket publicity campaign encouraging people to vote at the May 25 local elections. The Balearic government approved the sum yesterday and the money will be spent on newspaper, radio and television advertising as well as billboards across the region.

New power record

Power company Endesa, parent company of Balearic power generator GESA, confirmed yesterday that on Tuesday an all time record for power demand was set across Spain, in particular in the Balearics, Aragon and Cataluña. Demand on the national grid surged 8.5 per cent higher than the previous record.