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BAR owners and residents along the Avenida America in Cala Rajada are demanding justice following the death of pensioner Jaume Fuster, who died nine days after he was savagely beaten by muggers in the popular resort. Sr Fuster was a familiar figure to most of the traders along the Avenida, as he regularly went for a walk there. They all said it was a cowardly attack, more so because it was obvious he was ill (he suffered from Parkinsons). One bar owner, Marlene Ehl, said that robberies and vandalism always occurred at the end of the tourist season, although it had never been as serious as this latest attack. She added that now, when she cashes up at the end of the day, she asks her neighbour to wait for her because she is afraid. Other owners, such as the family pictured here, said that there have always been vandals in the area, and in the morning they often find broken windows, and damaged terraces. They all concurred that there was a lack of vigilance in the area.
The Guardia Civil are investigating the case.
It is believed that Sr Fuster was attacked from behind as he went to his car to get cigarettes while out for a walk.
The car was found abandoned the following day at the Capdepera roundabout, where it had crashed.
The car has been towed away and checked for fingerprints.
The Guardia Civil believe that the culprits are still in the area and probably live in the east of the island.
The Guardia Civil are being assisted by Palma detectives, who have gone to the area and are reported to be questioning various people who may be able to help them with their enquiries.


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