By Humphrey Carter THE new Conservative government in the Balearics has given local environmentalists a new lease of life and yesterday, Balearic green group GOB warned that the Partido Popular's development plans post a serious threat to the region's “environmental balance.” The new road plan has already sparked widespread outrage with over 22'000 official complaints made, and yesterday spokesperson for GOB, Miquel Angel March, warned that the biggest threat the Balearics faces is from its own government and that if the government ploughs ahead with its road and housing development plans, “a wave” of massive public protest is being planned. March accused the government of using “legal loop holes” to push ahead with its development plans while avoiding public debate. GOB announced yesterday that since the elections just five months ago the government has put the Balearics back into the dark ages of 1998. March said that investment in natural parks is being reduced, housing developments are being given the green light in key coastal areas, roads are being widened, motorways extended and the airport is going to be enlarged to handle 38 million passengers per year as the new Balearic government creates a “high-consumption” society.