Staff reporter CALVIA resident, the self styled King of Clubs Peter Stringfellow, last night issued a final plea to the local council for help in cracking down on graffiti in the area.

On behalf of dozens of frustrated residents and tax payers, of all nationalities, in the area which runs from the Bendinat roundabout all the way along to Portals Nous, Stringfellow said that if Calvia Council, led by Mayor Carlos Delgado, does not take action, “we are going to start a lobby group and take action ourselves. “I, and a number of other residents, are already paying painters to cover up the graffiti as soon as it appears near our homes, but the situation has got worse and we're fed up,” he said yesterday. “We don't want to kick up a fuss, but it's because we love living here and care about Majorca we want something done. “Before the summer the council said it would take action, it's done nothing. “The root problem appears to be local youths, why don't they send two local police to talk to local schools and stamp it out. “In England they have zero tolerance, in Calvia it's more like total tolerance. “All the way from the Bendinat roundabout to Portals Nous every spare piece of wall or bus stop is covered in grafiti and it appears that no effort is being made to catch the vandals,” Stringfellow said. “I can't imagine its good for tourism or someone looking to move to the area either - I find it all so sad and disappointing that Calvia Council does not care,” he told the Bulletin last night. “I've written a letter to the council, and I hope they will take action.”