News desk THE Chinese State Circus will return to Palma in February as part of a second European tour. It will be staging a new spectacle being billboarded under the title Zensation and will offer visitors a chance to see the performances that won them the Gold and Silver Clown prize at the International Festival of Montecarlo. In the world of international circus, this accolade is considered as prestigious as an Oscar award might be in the film world.

From 5 to 22 February 2004, the National Chinese Circus will be setting up its marquees in the Polígono de Llevant in Palma.
The Council of Majorca is backing the National Chinese Circus, which was last seen during the Sant Sebastia festival in January, when the show was a sell-out.

The tour has been organised by the Dutch-based Stardust Circus International.
Henk van der Meyden, the director of Stardust Circus International, said that the show will feature 100 persons aged between 15 and 30.
He described the new show as “very modern.” The new tour, which started in November in Vigo and ends in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in May, marks the 30th anniversary of cultural relations between Spain and China. Van der Meyden said that only the best artists had been contracted and they will be wearing 450 specially designed costumes.

One of the new numbers involves spinning plates, and it features some of the dance steps of the Irish Riverdance company, who recently toured China.