News Desk THE Balearic Minister for Agriculture has asked the central Government to begin distributing financial aid packages to farmers who have had their crops, especially potato crops, badly damaged in the Balearic Islands, as a result of the latest cold weather front.

This was announced by minister, Margalida Moner after meeting with Inter-Island Agricultural Board.
Moner explained that crop insurance does not cover crops that were damaged by cold weather (snow and frost).
Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to receive financial help from the Government, so that farmers can repair all the damage that was done to the harvest and crops on the islands. Furthermore, the grants that are paid out for the crop insurance comes from the Government (40 percent), Ministry (40 percent) and the remaining 20 percent is paid by the farmers involved in the claim.

The minister said that the actual financial aid to be awarded to the farming sector has still not yet been defined, nor the percentages that will go to the different crops and land that has been affected by the cold and freezing weather. She believes that between 15 and 20 percent of all potato crops are most likely damaged.

Next week the exact figures and percentages of land damaged will be known. “We will continue to demand this financial help, which is urgently needed so that the farmers can repair the crops that have been damaged in the Balearic Islands”, Moner said.

She also added that the Balearic Islands must be amongst those regional Spanish communities who receive some financial aid for this cause.
T HERE is currently no financial help systems in place that pay out when crops and harvests are damaged by cold weather, and for this reason alone, it is very evident that the regional communities in Spain and the Spanish Government must intervene to make sure that these grants and financial aid packages are possible.

Along different lines, the minister announced that a new Working Group for the dairy cattle sector will be created, with the aim of developing projects and initiatives, which will make it easier for the Balearic Islands to comply with the new rulings in the Common Agricultural policy (CAP).

This new Working Group will consist of various people who belong to associations in the two different domains.
The name of those to join the group will be announced within the next fifteen days.