News desk THE Pollensa town council has still not awarded the contract for running the sunbeds and sunshades on its beaches, and the situation as to whether or not the neighbourhood association which is running them temporarily can charge is still unclear.

Normally, the sunbeds are on the beach at the start of May, which is when tourism begins to build-up on the island. But because of red tape, the council was unable to award the contract in time.

The neighbourhood association, which ran the service last year, stepped into the breach and offered to run it temporarily.
The offer was accepted and the sunbeds were in place in mid-May.
But Mayor Joan Cerdà says that no charge can be made for the service until the contract is officially awarded. The neighbourhood association, however, has been trying to collect ten euros per sunbed and sunshade for two people and six euros for one.

Its president, Antoni Vidal, claims that the council had given them permission to charge, as they are also keeping the beach clean, alleging it has contracted 11 people to do so.

The Mayor is confident that the contract will be awarded by the end of this week.
The opposition, however, is not so sure, claiming that it plans to fight the conditions of the contract.
A spokesman claimed that the right procedures have not been followed in announcing the contract and called for more transparency.
The contract will not necessarily go to the applicant offering most money, following a court ruling that it was not a public service but a sub-contract, and therefore offers had to fulfil different conditions.