by Staff Reporter
Picture: S Amengual
THE environmental group GOB handed out shopping bags on wheels at the Plaza Olivar market yesterday, as part of its campaign to cut down the number of plastic bags used by shoppers.

On hand to help present the shopping bags were Francesc Tutzo, the director general of commerce, and Marina Sans, the city councillor in charge of health and consumer affairs.

The bags were handed out to shoppers selected by a draw from among all those at the market who rejected the use of plastic bags. Each bag has a city council label underlining the beneficial effects on the environment of more responsible shopping habits.

GOB also set up an exhibition at the market, under the heading Responsible Shopping, to raise awareness to the need to reduce rubbish.
The environmental group has calculated that people in the Balearics use 33'736 tons of plastic bags a year, and says that it is high time people changed their shopping habits.

The exhibition specifies the causes and consequences of the increase in rubbish and gives guidelines to reducing the amount of rubbish produced to prevent a negative impact on the ecosystem.

The plastic bags represent approximately five percent of the rubbish generated in the islands, and this, according to GOB, means it is “essential” to return to old habits of using a shopping bag or a bag on wheels.