by Staff Reporter
THE traders association PIMECO said that if department stores and hypermarkets open today, as announced, they will take it as “a declaration of war.” They will also ask the Balearic minister of commerce to call an urgent meeting of the commerce committee to revise the number of Sundays and public holidays on which trading is allowed.

The department stores and hypermarkets belonging to ANGED are represented on the committee and were present at the meeting at which it was decided that shops would open on only five of the 12 Sundays and holidays allowed.

However, it has since said it does not consider it binding and has threatened to allow its members to open on all 12 holidays allowed, if it is considered commercially viable.

Pimeco has accused it of trying to “stir up a clash between traditional small traders and the Balearic government.” It also accused ANGED of trying to destroy “the rules of the game in the sector” which closes on Sundays so that the workers can rest, and also destroy “consumer habits” with the sole purpose of “breaking up the framework of traditional commerce.” PIMECO claims that it is this framework which “generates wealth, services for the man in the street and invigorates towns and cities.” It also says that it is “a very important part of a model of society which PIMECO defends: more human, plural and diversified.” PIMECO, which backed the move to bring the summer sales forward one week (they will start on July 8) puts a large part of the blame for a drop in sales on the hypermarkets and department stores. Pedestrianising streets and parking restrictions are also blamed.