EMAYA, Palma's municipal water and rubbish collection company, will pick up the used domestic appliances which shops pick up from customers' homes when they deliver a new one, and in doing so hope to cut the number of appliances dumped in the street by 30 percent.

Last year, Emaya made 176'433 house calls to collect unwanted bulky items such as fridges or furniture, or to pick them up from the street.
Yesterday, Palma's Environmental councillor and president of Emaya, Antoni Nadal, signed a collaboration agreement with the Association of Household Electrical Goods, a branch of PIMEM, the small and medium-sized business federation in the Balearics. The agreement also commits the vendors to recylce the product packaging.

Some 70 percent of the traders in Palma will be encompassed under the arrangement, whereby when a customer purchases a new item, the old one is stored at the premises of the seller until Emaya comes to collect it.

Nadal explained that this project will enable the municipal company to work more efficiently, because items that it currently collects from private households can, as from now, be collected from communal shop storage cutting down on journeys and manpower.

The Councillor also believed that the new system was a major step forward in terms of package recycling and street clearance. In 2003, Emaya made 48'893 collections from private homes and 127'540 from street “tips”. A major part of this workload consisted of the removal of old domestic appliances.