News desk THE chairman of the Fomento del Turismo (Majorcan Tourism Board), Miquel Vicens, called on the Balearic tourist sector to start reconverting some hotels because of the present tourism crisis.

He said that some hotels had installations designed in the 1960s and 1970s and had to face up to refurbishment, “or else they will be condemned to disappear.” Vicens said that growing competition is another factor making improvements to the hotels necessary, and he called on hoteliers who had “great difficulty” in finding clients to refurbish their hotels. “It is a crisis which affects certain businesses, and management and workers have to find a solution,” Vicens said.
He also said that the government had to provide the conditions for Majorca to continue being competitive and a leader in the field.
Vicens also said that tourism in Majorca was stagnant at the moment, because of the decline in the European economy and increasing competition from other destinations.

Commenting on last minute offers, Vicens said that Majorca should make fewer, and predicted that the tourist visiting Majorca over the next three months will have a higher spending power, which in turn will lead to an improvement on return in the sector, which depends on volume.

The Majorcan Tourism Board will be celebrating its centenary from December, starting off with its annual dinner for members.
There will be a variety of events marking the occasion throughout 2005, including an exhibition of promotional material over the years.