by Staff Reporter
TEMPERATURES throughout most of the Balearics topped the 21º C mark on Monday night, and the weather station in Palma-Porto Pi recorded 23.3º C, the highest temperature so far this June, and, therefore, the hottest night this summer.

José Antonio Guijarro, the spokesman for the National Meteorology Institute in the Balearics, said that the minimum temperatures recorded on Monday night were 21º C throughout the night.

After Palma-Porto Pi, the highest temperature was recorded in Ibiza (22.8º C), while 22.3ºC were recorded in Lluc, 21.9º in Alfabia and 21.2º C in Minorca.

The average day time temperature in the Balearics is 1.5º to 2º C higher than the average, but while temperatures this month have been high, they have not reached last year's records when 41.4ºC was recorded in Palma-Porto Pi during the day.

Monday's temperatures were the highest of the month.
Palma airport recorded 33.6ºC, Palma-Porto Pi, 33ºC, Minorca airport 32.7ºC and Ibiza 31.6ºC.
Guijarro said that temperatures were “normal” for the summer, compared to previous years, adding that the highest temperatures of the summer usually occur towards the end of June or in the first fortnight in July.

He also said that although there is an extreme heatwave in the Peninsula, temperatures are not expected to be as high (40ºC in some parts of the country) in the Balearics.

Even so, he said, temperatures are not expected to vary much over the next few days, and the advice in the graph is still applicable.
The effects of the heat can range from cramp, exhaustion and dizziness to the most serious form, sunstroke.
The most susceptible groups, according to local doctors and chemists, are the chronically sick and bed-ridden, under-fours, the obese, the mentally ill and the over 65s, although anyone can be affected.

Also at risk are people who follow medical treatment with medicines which favour loss of liquids such as diuretics, anti-histamines or tablets for high blood pressure.

Children and the elderly should not be left in cars for any length of time, and windows and blinds should be closed to keep out the heat during the day and opened at night.