By Humphrey Carter
ON June 23, a highly professional gang of Eastern European criminals broke into and robbed 11 luxury villas in the Bendinat area, knocking the inhabitants out with a military style gas while they slept. Over the past five days, seven similar robberies were carried out on the Son Vida luxury estate.

During the past three weeks, the gang, which police claim are either Russian or Eastern European, have struck in Bendinat, Ca's Catala and Costa d'en Blanes, in the Calvia area, Camp de Mar and now Son Vida.

The National Police have set up a special operation to catch this highly trained gang. But, in between Thursday of last week and Wednesday night, they have broken into and robbed seven luxury properties in Son Vida.

Similar to the previous break-ins, only expensive jewellery was stolen. This time police say that over 300'000 euros worth of goods has been taken.
The gang is still striking at night and at houses which have apparently been carefully monitored.
In Calvia, the gang cut phone lines to disable the alarm systems before breaking in.
Then the occupants would be knocked out with the potent gas.
In one case in Calvia, even the pet dog was gassed.
The spate of robberies in Calvia have caused a great deal of unrest amongst residents, in particular the foreign community which appears to be the main target.

Many have installed alarm systems which operate on the mobile phone network and therefore are unable to be disabled.
The Son Vida robberies show all the signs of them being carried out by the same gang.
Victims awake in the morning complaining of similar symptoms to those gassed in Calvia and Camp de Mar: sore throat, a slight dizziness and nausea.
Victims and worried residents the Bulletin has spoken to over the past few weeks have expressed a growing sense of unease. They have warned that, the longer it takes for the police to catch the gang, the unrest in the foreign community will only grow.


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