News desk THE storms and heavy rain which lashed the centre of the island on Monday, flooding basements and shops, could strike again today, the weather man warned.

The stormy weather which caused flooding in towns such as Inca and Lloseta could be repeated today, with the risk of hail. Rain could be more than 30 litres per square metre in an hour, according to the storm warning.

There will be no change in temperatures.
It will also be stormy in the neighbouring islands of Minorca and Ibiza, the warning said.
Similar weather is predicted for Barcelona, Gerona and Tarragona on the Peninsula.
The rain could not come at a worse time for Majorca, as the grape harvest has just started.
Vine growers in Binissalem were more worried about the hail than the rain, and said that it was too soon to evaluate the damage caused by Monday's storm.

Some 30 litres of rain fell in Binissalem in just over an hour.
The grapes grown in this area are used to make wine with a Denomination of Origin label, and predictions for the crop were excellent.
One vine grower said that if the storms were not prolonged over the next few days, there would be no problems.
But, he said, if the bunches of grapes are not ripe, they cannot be picked and the growers would have to leave them on the vines for a little longer, which was never a good sign.