AT the end of October, Palma City Council plans to begin improvement work on two sections of streets set back from the seafront of the Playa de Palma.
Mayor's deputy and town planning councillor, Javier Rodrigo de Santos reported yesterday that the development will mean an investment of 2.9 million euros.

Speaking of a reform project being launched to improve this tourist area, he explained that the Playa de Palma “will stand as an example of a more mature area which can be given a “new look” through integrally planned improvement work.

The areas in question are 1'132 metres between calles Neopatria and Costa Brava, and between Costa Brava and San Ramon Nonato. The works will act as a pilot scheme for the future total reform of the second line of shops and services on the Playa de Palma.

The works are scheduled to take six months to complete, specified Infrastructure councillor, Catalina Terrasa. She highlighted the fact that when this section of work is finished, there will be more room for pedestrians. Plans include a 6-metre wide road surface for traffic to circulate in both directions, a parking area and spaces for rubbish skips.

Additionally, the scheme's pedestrian walkway will have a width of between 2 and 3.5 metres according to its positioning; there will be street lighting installed, and improved drinking water and drainage networks.

Terrasa commented that the provision of a service route on Playa de Palma's second line of shops and businesses “is essential” for the free movement of municipal transport. For this reason, the idea of the construction of a boulevard has been abandoned.

The execution of Playa de Palma's plan for excellence in tourism is due to come to a close in 2005, confirmed the councillor, who gave prominence to the fact that a consortium of central, regional and local government will oversee project management.

Terrasa reported that the Town Council had reached an expropriation agreement with the proprietors of a building in calle Amilcar in Playa de Palma which will free up land measuring some 500 square metres, allowing for the opening up of the service route.