News desk REGIONAL minister for Public Works, Mabel Cabrer, announced yesterday that the section of railway line between Sineu and Manacor will open up again for public service on Friday, September 10.

The track was closed following an accident on March 13, in which several people were injured.
Several railway carriages were derailed after the train ran into a retaining wall that had collapsed onto the track. Thirteen people were taken to hospital.

Following the accident, the service between Inca and Manacor was suspended. The stretch between Inca and Sineu was reopened in the middle of June.
But engineer Alejandro Asensi said that there were still four danger points which had to be repaired before the Sineuy-Manacor service could be restored.

Despite protests, the government refused to allow the line to reopen while repair work was in progress, alleging safety concerns.
An alternative coach service was provided for commuter.
Cabrer said that it is probable that the day before the reopening of the full railway service to the public, a journey along the length of the line will be made with journalists, as had occurred on the other section of track.